Game Coins Part 1: Ancient

Game Coins Part 1: Ancient

Posted by Tiffany Spence on 15th May 2021

One of our favorite ways to upgrade our tabletop and board games is with metal gaming coins. They're versatile, and sold in small sets, so you can add a few for just a small investment, or go all in and create your own exchange bank!

Why Are Metal Coins Popular For Games?

Metal gaming coins are a quick and easy upgrade. For as little as $7 USD you can take your favorite games from simple fun to awesomely immersive. 

Replacing a game's boring carboard coins or chintzy plastic tokens with coins made of strong and heavy metal gives your game that extra tactile experience. Metal coins use relief designs that have raised and recessed areas, unlike the flatness of a cardboard coin. And their shiny finishes of bronze, copper, nickel, brass, gold, and silver bring the bling factor that you just don't get with plastic or cardboard.

The best thing about gaming coins is the wide variety of themes available. With nearly 200 different coin products in our store, it's not hard to find a style that matches your game's theme. Just browsing our coin shop, you'll find a large selection of themes ranging from history and ancient civilizations, to high fantasy, mythology, and horror, to sci-fi and futuristic.

Ancient Themed Coins

Looking for coins for a favorite game that's set in ancient times on earth? Here's a list of some popular games in those timelines and the coins we recommend to match with them. If you have suggestions for additional games that these coins work well for, please let us know via one of our social media channels or email so we can add them to the list.


Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Ancient Egypt
7 Wonders x x x
Amyitis x x x
Antike x x x
Arena: Roma 2   x  
Concordia   x x
Cyclades x    
Imperial Settlers   x  
Isla Dorada x x x
Nations x x x
Pax Romana   x  
Porta Nigra   x  
Ra     x
The Republic of Rome   x x
Rise of Empires x x x
Roma   x  
Sid Meier's Civilization x x x
Spartacus   x  
Sylla   x  

Ancient Greek coins come in 5 sizes; tiny (copper), small (nickel), medium (brass), large (silver), and jumbo (gold). Their iconography includes traditional Greek symbols such as owls, turtles, bees, dolphins, masks, and gods.

One customer, John, reviewed our Ancient Greek coins as follows: "A simple but elegant design for those wanting to add an ancient Greek touch to their role playing games, or to give as birthday presents to people with Greek heritage. Exactly what I was looking for."

Ancient Roman Coins come in 5 sizes; tiny (copper), small (nickel), medium (brass), large (silver), and jumbo (gold). Roman Fantasy Coins come in three sizes; copper (small), silver (medium), and gold (large). Icons on these coins include emperors, men on horseback, chariots, elephants, and Roman architecture.

Samuel left this review for our Jumbo Roman coins: "Really enjoying the replica coins. Makes the game (Concordia) more exciting." For another set of Roman coins, the Large variety, he added, "Excellent - added gravitas to the financials of the game (Concordia)."

Ancient Egyptian coins come in 5 sizes; tiny (copper), small (nickel), medium (brass), large (silver), and jumbo (gold). Symbols on these coins include Arsenoe, Berinike II, Ptolemy I, Cleopatra, and a sphinx.

This chart represents just 3 of the coin themes we offer. To see more,  visit our coin shop.

Metal Coins Make The Perfect Gift for Gamers

Imagine sitting down to play Dungeons & Dragons and being handed a bag of actual metal coins as a reward for defeating that nasty gaggle of orcs. It would be pretty epic.

Metal gaming coins make great gifts for the gamers in your life. Whether they play board games, card games, tabletop war games, or RPG games, these coins can be mixed and matched to make one smile-invoking (and heavy) gift. Or you can add them to the gift of a game to make a good present even better. Or if they already own enough games (is that possible?) bundle them up along with another accessory, like our game organizers.

Game coins also fun to give as stocking stuffers or small gifts for any holidays that you celebrate. Gift them a variety of sizes or themes, and they can always add to their collection later.

More To Come: Mythology, Sci-Fi, Historical 

In part 1 of this series, we've covered the reason people love metal coin upgrades, and we've taken a closer look at our Ancient coins. We'll take a closer look at other sets of coins in future blog posts. We hope this deep dive gave you a better understanding of why metal gaming coins are so popular.