New Rewards Program Upgrades!

New Rewards Program Upgrades!

Posted by Tiffany Spence on 1st Jun 2021

We've upgraded our Tokens of Appreciation Rewards Program, and you get the benefits!

Last year we kicked off a Rewards Program, called Tokens of Appreciation, to reward our loyalty customers for shopping on our website.

If you are already a member of the program we launched last year, your points balance remains the same, and you're now advancing your way through the tiers of our new program based on your balance. To see your current balance and your tier, visit our rewards page and log in.

If you're not a member, why wait? Join now to start earning rewards.

The more you shop on our website, the more rewards you can earn!

Our new tiers allow you to level up the with each purchase through

Our old program awarded everyone a single amount for every dollar spent, but now with our new program, the more you advance, the more points you earn per dollar. In addition, members of our upper tiers will get early access to new products, and some sales.

Take a look at the new tiers and the rewards you'll earn in each of them.

More rewards coming soon!

We're just getting started! We have plans to create new rewards for each tier, including physical rewards that can be redeemed with future purchases. 

Check back in the coming months to see new rewards and explore your exclusive tier-related rewards.