Organizing Whistle Mountain

Organizing Whistle Mountain

Posted by Tiffany Spence on 2nd Apr 2021

A few months back, Greg and I took a break from quarantine and work, and got away with the kids for a weekend up on a nearby mountain. During that weekend we played a lot of games. One of them was, coincidentally, the newly-released Whistle Mountain from Bezier Games.

Whistle Mountain is a fun and fast-paced game of trying to build up the best resource mining business, while running against the clock...and an impending rush of melting snow that will soon fill the resource-rich valley with water. I definitely didn't win, because that's pretty much my MO. But it was fun learning the new mechanics and at least attempting to earn myself some victory points.

Soon after that weekend, our team got to work designing an insert, in partnership with our friends over at Bezier Games. And here's the result.

The vivid colors of this game just really make it an eye-catching box to display, and we were excited to make the inside of the box just as visually pleasing. Our organizer features several trays that will help you get your game set up quickly. One of my favorite features of this one (and many of our organizers) is the individual player trays, which make it really easy to get everyone playing. No more emptying baggies and dividing up each player's pieces.

Another feature in many of our organizers that makes them so worthwhile is the resource and victory points trays. Now resources take up less space on the table, and there's no more fiddling with little stacks of this and that. We love little resource bits. We don't love fiddling with them. (And isn't there always someone at the table who can't resist the fiddling?)

But the biggest benefit of organizing the game is that it will definitely hit our table more often. When a game is organized, we never have any hesitation over how long it will take to set it up. Open the box, distribute the trays, set up the board, and get to playing. With a bustling household, those precious minutes add up!

Happy gaming!