Paint Your Dice Tumbler: Shame

Paint Your Dice Tumbler: Shame

Posted by Kelsey Royer on 30th Oct 2020

Our Modular Dice Tumblers add fun and flair to any tabletop game! Follow me along my journey of creating a fully painted and stained Modular Dice Tumbler Tower. The final result will be a tower painted with quirky colors and funky themes, that is sure to send any dice through an epic tumble. Take your gaming experience to the next level with our Modular Dice Tumblers and a little paint.

In Chapter Two of my journey to fully paint and stain all of our Modular Dice Tumblers, I'll be painting the Modular Dice Tumbler: Shame. 

Shame is a fire-y pit that captures all your misbehaved dice! Let your dice simply tumble through, or cage them in the shame chamber. 

Follow me along while I turn this Modular Dice Tumbler into a burning pit of despair, with lightning filled skies and rocky caverns. 


Acrylic paint in varying colors. I personally like to mix my own colors, so I always pick up my primaries in large tubes. Phthalo Blue, Primary Red, Cadmium Yellow Light Hue, Titanium White, and Ivory Black are all good base colors to have in order to mix every color under the sun! If you would rather buy specific colors/hues, that is fine too!

Paint brushes in different sizes. For this specific tumbler I needed a medium flat brush to paint surface colors, several small detail brushes, and a fan brush for painting the flames.

Stain. I picked up a small can of Varathane in Dark Walnut. 1 qt. is plenty and will last me throughout this "Fully Painted Dice Tower" journey. You will also need a piece of scrap cloth to apply the stain.

Step 1:

Pick a background color. I chose a medium purple because I  wanted to paint lightning bolts on my background. Make sure  to paint the back and front. Depending on the opacity of your  paint, you may need to do two coats. I only did one. 

Since my idea for the background was to create a storm    ridden sky-I grabbed my white paint and blue paint and  painted lightning bolts on the inward facing side of these  pieces. I started with white and painted the bolts. Then I went  in with a little blue and added accent marks. I wanted the  bolts to pop so I didn't want to over-saturate them with color.

Step 2:

Paint the front piece. For the flames I mixed red, yellow and  orange next to each other on my pallet. Using my fan brush I  dipped into all three color and swept them on. This created a  flame look where the colors blended in some areas, and  stood out in others. Tip: Apply the paint thick to get the  desired effect. 

Now move onto the stalagmites. Paint a base coat of grey  paint. When that dries, go in with your black paint and add  shadows. I also used a tad bit of blue left over from the  lightning bolts to add some highlights. 

The rest of the front piece can be painted with the same  purple used for the background.


Step 3:

Using all the colors you already have mixed, paint the two bottom deflectors to match your flames, this is important to make sure the flames look solid once everything is assembled. Also paint the top deflector to match your background. Check your instructions before painting these pieces, there are slight differences between the top and bottom.

Paint the stalagmite piece as well to match the stalagmites on the front piece. 


Step 4:

Paint the cage pieces black. I painted all sides and the edges. On either side of the cage ramp there are flame cutout, make sure to paint the flames with same red, yellow and orange.

Step 5:

Paint the key. I chose to do a subtle grey with gold accents, but be creative, there are so many cool ways to paint a key. I went for simple since the rest of the dice tumbler is painted with complex patterns. Make sure to paint the flames and the cage the correct colors so when it is assembled it is seamless. 

Step 6:

Stain the outer housing. I used Dark Walnut Varathane.



Let everything dry and then assemble per instructions. Make sure to use a rubber mallet and wood glue.

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