Paint Your Dice Tumbler: Stairs

Paint Your Dice Tumbler: Stairs

Posted by Kelsey Royer on 20th May 2021

Stairs Edition! Our Modular Dice Tumblers add fun and flair to any tabletop game! Follow me along my journey of creating a fully painted and stained Modular Dice Tumbler Tower. I will be painting: Bones, Shame, Plinko, Stairs, Ramp, and Gears over the next couple of weeks. The final result will be a tower painted with quirky colors and funky themes, that is sure to send any dice through an epic tumble. Take your gaming experience to the next level with our Modular Dice Tumblers and a little paint.

In this How-To I will be painting our Modular Dice Tumbler-Stairs (DIT005). Every haunted house has creeky, creepy stairs that go bump in the night. Dare your dice to tumble down these stairs, can they handle facing what's around the corner?


Acrylic paint in varying colors. I personally like to mix my own colors, so I always pick up my primaries in large tubes. Phthalo Blue, Primary Red, Cadmium Yellow Light Hue, Titanium White, and Ivory Black are all good base colors to have in order to mix every color under the sun! If you would rather buy specific colors/hues, that is fine too!

Paintbrushes in different sizes. For this specific tumbler, I needed a medium flat brush to paint surface colors, a medium flat brush to paint smaller surface areas and a medium bristle brush for dry brushing. 

Stain. I picked up a small can of Varathane in Dark Walnut. 1 qt. is plenty and will last me throughout this "Fully Painted Dice Tower" journey. You will also need a piece of scrap cloth to apply the stain.

Painters Tape. We will be sectioning off certain areas of the stairs so you will need some blue painters tape. 

Step 1:

I chose to have classic red-carpeted stairs, so to achieve this look I took my blue painters tape and taped on a small strip on either side of the stair pieces, and painted the middle red. Do this this to both sides.


Step 2:

Once the red paint was dry, I painted either side brown to match the color I am going to paint the banisters. Do this this to both sides.


Step 3:

Paint the inside of your walls. I originally chose a grey color, but it didn’t “pop” so I repainted them white and added a red distressed look to the walls by dry brushing with my bristle brush. It's ok to make changes/modifications if your original plan didn't turn out the way you thought, that is the great thing about creativity, there is no such thing as mistakes! 


Step 4:

Paint the banisters. I used the same brown that I painted the sides of each stair piece, and painted both sides. Once the brown paint dried I added a candlelit effect by dry brushing a yellowy-white paint along the edges with my bristle brush. (Pictures depict the original grey color I chose and repainted white). 



Let everything dry and then assemble per instructions. Make sure to use a rubber mallet and wood glue.


Share your work! 

Did you customize your own Modular Dice Tumbler? If so, we'd love to see it! Post a picture of your creation on the social media channel of your choice and please tag us! We also have a Facebook group dedicated to customizations and we'd love to see you there (links below).

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