King of New York

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    Who will come out on top as the King of New York in your next game? The Broken Token has a full collection of board game accessories for King of New York. Our box organizer is made out of wood and designed to fit perfectly in the game box. Keep the monsters like Kong, Sheriff or Captain Fish contained in their own compartments. Dice, cards and the game board have a dedicated spot to make set-up and teardown a breeze. It also has room for the two expansions power-up and Cthulhu. Lightning has struck with our upgraded tokens to enhance your game. Our card sleeves will help keep your cards safe from all the battles for supremacy in New York. 

    Before your next battle for New York, check out the King of New York Board Game Accessories below. 

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    4 products
    King of New York Compatible Game Organizer
    Lightning Tokens
    Card Game Card Sleeves (100)
    Mayday Premium Card Game Sleeves (50)