Rewards Program FAQ

Last updated: April 14, 2020

1. What is the Tokens of Appreciation Rewards Program?

Tokens of Appreciation is a new customer loyalty program that allows our loyal customers to earn Tokens that can be redeemed for products and to earn other perks.

2. Who can join the rewards program?

The rewards program is open to individuals who are at least 18 years old or the age of majority in the Member’s jurisdiction of residence, whichever is older, for their personal use only, and is limited to one (1) account per individual.

3. How do I join the rewards program?

Eligible individuals may enroll in the rewards program by creating an account, or by logging in to an existing account, on and agreeing to the program terms. You may be required to provide your full name, mailing address, email address, and date of birth and to create a password in order to create an account.

4. What am I agreeing to by joining the rewards program?

By joining the rewards program, you agree that you have read, understand and agree to be bound by the program terms and by any changes or modifications we may make to those program terms and conditions. You also agree to receive program-related emails from us and our reward program partners.

5. What are the terms of the rewards program?

Please refer to the PROGRAM TERMS for the full list of Program terms and conditions.

6. How will you use the information I provide through the program?

The personal information collected from you in connection with the rewards program is subject to our Privacy Policy.

7. What are the rewards?

500 Tokens = $5 off coupon
1000 Tokens = $10 off coupon
2500 Tokens = $25 off coupon

8. How do I earn Tokens?

You can earn Tokens by logging in to your account and then making qualifying purchases or taking qualifying actions. We may also, at our sole discretion, provide additional Tokens in connection with certain transactions and promotions.

You may earn Tokens for dollars you spend on each qualifying transaction on, excluding federal, state, and local taxes, shipping charges, discounts, and items purchased with a gift card, merchandise credits, or any Tokens or other awards. Some purchases may be excluded from the rewards program, at The Broken Token's discretion.

Some actions may require additional disclosures by you in order to qualify. Birthday Points are earned only if you provide your birthday information at least 1 month prior to your birthday date.

Earning Opportunities

  • Follow us on Twitter = 50 Tokens
  • Like us on Facebook = 50 Tokens
  • Follow us on Instagram = 50 Tokens
  • Place an order = 7 Tokens for every $1 spent
  • Review a verified purchase = 100 Tokens

In order to know that this is a verified purchase, the review must be left in response to the email that is sent 14 days after your purchase.  Writing a review from the product page is very much welcomed, but unfortunately doesn't allow us to verify the purchase and does not qualify for reward points.  There is also a limit of one review reward per week.

  • Signup for Tokens of Appreciation Program = 200 Tokens
  • Celebrate a birthday = 200 Tokens


9. Do I get credit for past purchases?

This is a brand new rewards program, and we're starting all customers off with the same opportunities to earn.

10. How do I redeem Tokens for Rewards?

You may redeem Tokens for eligible Rewards by signing into your rewards program account. Rewards may only be redeemed for The Broken Token products available on unless expressly authorized by The Broken Token. You cannot combine Tokens with any other coupon or promotion. Tokens cannot be exchanged or returned for another product or service or a monetary refund. Tokens used to redeem a Reward will be deducted from the total Tokens available in your rewards program account. Points may not be used toward purchases of gift certificates, charitable items, promotional value sets, sales tax, or shipping charges. Credits from multiple accounts may not be aggregated unless authorized by The Broken Token. Taxes on Rewards may apply where required by law. Any tax liability, including disclosure, is the sole responsibility of the Member.

11. When will my Tokens be available?

It may take up to 7 days for eligible purchases or actions to post to your account. It may take 24 hours for you to be able to redeem Tokens once rewarded.

12. How do I check my Member Account status?

You can check your account status by logging into your account on and clicking the Rewards icon in the lower right of your screen.

13. What if my Tokens are not showing in my account?

If you have concerns that a purchase or other action was not properly applied to your Member account, you should contact The Broken Token's Customer Support Team at and provide your name, address, phone number, and email address associated with your account, the date of the alleged purchase or action, and the issue(s) you encountered. This email must be sent within forty-five (45) days after the alleged purchase or action took place. We are not responsible for late notifications regarding purchases or actions not being credited to a Member account.

14. Does my membership ever expire?

Currently, Tokens do not expire.

15. Can my membership be revoked?

Your membership may be revoked by The Broken Token, in its sole discretion, at any time. Any abuse of the rewards program; failure to follow any of these Terms; membership inactivity for more than twelve (12) months; misrepresentation; or conduct that may be detrimental to The Broken Token or our interests may result in the revocation of your membership and make you ineligible for further participation in the rewards program. If, in The Broken Token's sole discretion, we suspect fraud, misrepresentation, abuse, or violation of these Terms, we also have the right to take appropriate legal action.

16. What happens to my points if my membership is revoked?

If your membership is revoked, any Tokens or Rewards in your account or available to you prior to such termination will automatically expire, and your access to the rewards program and its features will automatically terminate, in The Broken Token's sole discretion.

17. Can the program be modified or terminated?

Yes. The Broken Token may, in its discretion, cancel, amend, modify, restrict, and/or terminate the rewards program, the program Terms, or any aspect or feature of the rewards program, at any time without prior notice, even if such changes may affect Tokens already earned and/or the value of Rewards already accumulated and/or the ability to redeem Rewards.

18. What happens to my points if the program is terminated?

If the rewards program is terminated, any Tokens or Rewards in your account or available to you prior to such termination will automatically expire, and your access to the rewards program and its features will automatically terminate, in The Broken Token's sole discretion.

19. What do I do if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password, go to the Log In page and click on the “Forgot Password” link. You will then be prompted to enter the email address associated with your account, and a temporary password will be emailed to that email address. Follow the prompts in the email to create a new password.

20. How do I terminate/cancel my rewards program membership?

If you decide you no longer want to be part of the rewards program, you may cancel your membership at any time by contacting The Broken Token's Customer Support Team at Your email must specify your name, address, phone number, and email address associated with your account, and confirm that you wish to be removed from the rewards program. It may take up to 7 business days for your cancellation to complete.

21. What happens to my Tokens if I terminate/cancel my rewards program membership?

If you cancel your membership, you forfeit any Tokens you may have earned and/or any Rewards that might otherwise have been available to you during your continued participation in the Program. If you wish to return to the Program after cancelling your membership, you will be required to join the Program again starting with no Points or available Rewards.

Still have questions? Contact our Customer Support Team at