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Marvel Legendary

  • Legendary Organizer

    Legendary Organizer

    Our innovative pinwheel design allows for maximum card storage in the Marvel Legendary game box while saving enough room for the game board and manuals. The cardboard dividers that come with Legendary fit nicely in the box and we provide 6 wooden...

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  • Legendary Small Box Organizer

    Legendary Small Box Organizer

    Running out of space in your Marvel Legendary box? Now consolidate and organize your Dark City and Secret Wars cards in either expansion box. Holds over 800 premium sleeved cards with the included dividers, or over 1400 unsleeved cards. Supports the...

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  • Extra Dividers for Legendary Organizers (6)

    Extra Dividers for Legendary Organizers (6)

    An extra sheet of dividers for our Legendary Organizer (ORG013) and Legendary Small Box Organizer (ORG071), compatible with Marvel Legendary. Includes 6 dividers. This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token. All product names are...

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