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Rising Sun

  • Rising Sun: Core Box Organizer

    The Rising Sun Core Box organizer has 11 removable trays. The 7 miniatures trays feature our new acrylic spring clips that securely hold your miniatures, protecting painted minis! 5 are identical clan trays that hold everything you need for each clan...

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  • Rising Sun: Daimyo Collection Organizer

    The Daimyo Collection Organizer includes everything from the Core Box Organizer and an additional 8 trays to organize the Kickstarter Exclusive Daimyo box and add-ons and expansions. Consists of 19 removable trays: 8 identical clan trays that hold...

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  • Rising Sun: Retail Expansion Organizer

    The Rising Sun Retail Expansion organizer is a small 5 tray organizer that fits in the Dynasty Invasion box. Three of the trays hold the Dynasty Invasion content, a clan tray for both the Sun and Moon clan and the 7 Lucky Gods tray. One tray holds the...

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  • Rising Sun: Daimyo Collection Crate and Organizer

    Nippon has lost it’s way, the Kami have returned and are displeased, help return your game box to honorable standing with an official Broken Token organizer for Rising Sun by CMON Limited. The Rising Sun: Daimyo Crate and Organizer holds everything...

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