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Craftsman Series

  • Galaxy Trucker Crate

    You have to truck your wares to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. It’s a long haul, but setting up your game shouldn’t be. Corporation Incorporated brought in The Broken Token to help with the official game crate for Galaxy Trucker by CGE...

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  • Galaxy Trucker Long Haul Edition

     These will be hand crafted in our shop, and will begin shipping one at a time as       they become available. If you want your other products sooner, please order them   separately...

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  • Gloom Tomb

    Is your life filled with too much cheer and sunshine? Bottle up that extra happiness with The Broken Token’s Gloom Tomb. This Craftsman Series storage solution features our first ever acrylic lid window to put all of your misery on display. The...

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  • Mad Manor Crate

    Even the twisted horrors of your nightmares need a place to call home. Keep all of your figures separate and sorted with The Broken Token's Mad Manor Crate compatible with Mansions of Madness: Second Edition from Fantasy Flight Games.Set locations up...

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  • One Night Collection Game Crate

    Your One Night Ultimate Collection deserves the ultimate storage crate solution! The officially licensed Broken Token One Night Ultimate Collection Game Crate stores and organizes One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Daybreak, Vampire, Alien and bonus packs in...

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  • Rising Sun: Daimyo Collection Crate and Organizer

    Nippon has lost it’s way, the Kami have returned and are displeased, help return your game box to honorable standing with an official Broken Token organizer for Rising Sun by CMON Limited. The Rising Sun: Daimyo Crate and Organizer holds everything...

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  • Splendid Game Chest

    Dazzle your gaming group with the Broken Token’s Splendid Chest organizer compatible with Splendor by Space Cowboys. Wealth and prestige have never been more attainable than with this compact carrying case. An adjustable card row allows easy access...

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