Kingdom Death: Monster

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    This immersive cooperative board game is set in a nightmarish world of darkness and despair, but that doesn’t mean your game box has to suffer!  The Broken Token offers a variety of Kingdom Death: Monster accessories and board game organizers, for the base game and its expansions.

    Our Board Game Organizer is specifically designed to hold the various game components, from the largest monster miniatures to the smallest tokens, ensuring a perfect fit and preventing damage during storage and transport. Have the 1.5 expansion? Grab our Expansion Organizer to keep your Update Pack organized and protected. 

    Our Character Consoles aid in tracking Character Actions throughout your game and enhance your game-playing experience. Made out of acrylic, the partially overlay the Character Sheet. 

    If you like to sleeve your cards, pick up some Kingdom Death: Monster Card Sleeves from Mayday while you are at it. We offer both standard and premium thicknesses that come in 50ct and 100ct packs.

    Check out our Kingdom Death: Monster accessories below!

    6 products
    Dead Kingdom Compatible Game Organizer
    Dead Kingdom Compatible Expansion (1.5) Organizer
    Dead Kingdom Character Console (4-Pack)
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    Mayday Premium USA Chimera Card Sleeves (50)
    Mayday USA Chimera Card Sleeves (100)
    Extra Dividers for Dead Kingdom Organizer (14)