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Incredible product, handled well and shipped quickly! Return buyer, great seller.

Great Quality and Value!

Awesome coins, good weight and well detailed.

I like everything except for the character boxes.

The majority of this insert/organizer is amazing. Even the lid lift is kept to a minimum on a box that is already too large. Quick, easy setup and teardown which will save me hours in the long run.

However, I have found the little character boxes to be pretty much useless. The frame of the window is very flimsy and I know they will break with use and time. I don't even know what to say about the locking mechanism because it barely exists. It's just two mildly interlocking pieces of wood that ALWAYS come loose and you can't glue them because then you can't open the box anymore. The boxes are small, you cannot fit a fully sleeved deck of ability cards or modifier cards in the box because it will just push the box open again and will probably just result in the weak frame breaking.The large window in the top requires you to store the character board inside the box otherwise everything inside will fall out. To top it all off, these boxes are stored vertically in the insert design and they tend to pop open inside the box spilling tokens and unsleeved cards everywhere.

I have simply chosen to not use them and make my life easier, but like I said, the rest of the insert is awesome. Maybe BT can create a decent character box that could be stored outside the box as an alternative to the ones included in the insert.

I found these character boxes annoying enough to bring my review down to three stars as this was actually a huge selling point for me. I would happily raise this score if BT can figure out a better character box.

Good, cheap, sturdy, easy to put together. Buy them by the truckload!

My sleeved cards aren't sliding all over the place anymore thanks to these card holders. And I'd buy them all over again if they offered half-height versions. How about it, BT?

Worked like a charm

I am using this product for a different purpose but it is exactly as depicted, easy to install and fairly priced

Fast Shipping and what I needed

Title says it all. It's a nice little game piece that came quick and works as I need it to.

Fantasy Coins - Cthulhu Gold

Metal Coins

Top quality. Recommendation!

7 Wonders™ Duel Compatible Game Organizer

Positive Transaction

Everything went smoothly.

Worked Great

My nine-year old bought this for his Villainous base game and expansions. He assembled it by himself and it fit the bill perfectly.

Waterdeeples (100)
Joanne Dramko
Waterdeeples for the win!

Love these, they add so much for the immersion in the game. Thanks!

Excellent organizer

This organizer is extremely well done. It makes set-up and takedown a breeze for an otherwise complicated and large game. It fits super well in the Spirit Island/Jagged Earth boxes and even after adding the promo packs, Branch & Claw, AND Nature Incarnate, there is still a bit of room. I also love the thoughtful details like the lil dahan shapes on the dahan boxes. It makes it very easy to remember what goes where. Totally a fan of this box, 10/10.

Be aware that this box took me over 8 hours to glue and assemble. The instructions were clear, and possibly someone with experience could do it faster, but it is an actual project.

No issues, shipping to Guam was fast.

Highly recommended distributer

Changing my review. Originally I gave it only 3 stars because the first pieces I attempted to put together broke; but I was able to salvage that with some glue, so I’ll say to be very careful with the material from this particular insert. Others I’ve had in the past weren’t nearly as troublesome.

Despite that, I’m giving this a 4 star review because of how well it works! The printed sheets had everything, though in a different configuration than what is listed on the instructions for assembly, and once I got it together it just shines!

Good quality coins

Slightly smaller than I expected, but nice weight, nice detail. Recommend.

These trays REALLY save time in getting Terra Mystica to the table. Pull them out of the box and done! Loved that!!! Ended up putting the Shapeshifter/Riverwalker special terrain tile in a power token slot since that faction does not have a game piece box. The bag is a little lumpy in its space. Overall, though, trays make sense and fit on the table well.

Stunning upgrade

I showed a photo of these coins on the BGG Facebook page, it currently has over 500 likes and 65 comments.
They are stunning.

As always, quality paint racks that are easy to assemble, look great, and always arrives quickly!

Very high quality

Came quickly and well packaged!

Amazing stuff!

Excellent product, great quality! Would definitely order again.

Awesome coins for wyrmspan

These coins are very high quality. I can recommend these.

Perfect for my needs

I used these coins to replace the little cardboard ones for The White Castle. They’re perfect!

Fantasy Coins - Pirate Gold
Philip Jonathan Yates

Fantasy Coins - Pirate Gold

Mice and Mystics organizer

I love this. I wanted an organizer because I painted all the miniatures and wanted a way to protect them. I wanted to make one because of the cost of buying an organizer and figured I could do it for much less. Then after trying to measure and glue, I decided that it wasn't worth my time. I loved putting these together and they fit amazingly well and everything in its place. I'm using the second box to store the tiles and books but it holds great with the elastic (or bungies if that breaks)