Lost Ruins of Arnak

On an uninhabited island in uncharted seas, explorers have found traces of a great civilization. You can use our officially-licensed organizer to lead your expedition to explore the Lost Ruins of Arnak. Quest to learn the island's secrets, find artifacts lost to time and be prepared to face the ruin's guardians.

We designed our organizer with 10 removable trays that will help keep your cards, archeologists, and resources organized and within reach during play.

The other removable trays keep the following organized during play:

  • Tablets, Arrowheads, and Jewels
  • Coins and Compasses
  • Bronze, Silver, Gold Research Reward Tiles and Blocking Tiles
  • Research Tiles and Idols
  • Leader Tray
  • A Reserve Tray
  • Level 1 and Assistants
  • Level 2 and Guardians

Our organizer has room to fit the Expedition Leaders expansion in the main box. However, keeping the additional player boards in the main box will create a 10mm lid lift.  You can keep those boards in the expansion box to avoid any lid lift.

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