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Good storage solution!

This is a very well designed storage system for Eldritch Horror and all it's expansions. Lots of room for the cards, meaning sleeved cards and unsleeved work just fine, with plenty of room. Could have done with a few more dividers included, instead of having to buy them separate, but that's not a big deal. The "feet" were a bit tougher to put together, mostly because they weren't as snug as I'd hoped, and since they have to bear the weight of the entire crate, I need them to be very sturdy and secure. So far they seem OK, but I've been toying with putting some nails in them just to make sure they don't fall apart.

Overall, though, I am very pleased with the purchase.

Shhh, don’t wake the drake!

Love the size and color of these coins! I use them as Inspiration Tokens in my DnD campaigns…plus a few tossed in my treasure chest since they look so good!

Metal Coins

Very nice and detailled. Second time Ive ordered Coins from your place.

Great coins as usual

Love the coins. I get them to hand out as trinkets that match my ranger character at renn faire and people are always blown away by them.

Best friend who loves RPGs and Cats! Excellent find and gift

Great product

I was surprised and happy that the organizers managed to fit all the SI components into two boxes. I always enjoy putting together things like this; it’s oddly relaxing.

Perfect size and design

Just what I needed to make a great Viking game. I will order again from this seller. Excellent generic replicas. Nice size, weight, look and feel.

Works great

Easy to put together and fits nicely.

Great Product, super happy with the quality

Great Product, super happy with the quality

These tokens are AMAZING!!

The blue shield tokens I recieved from The Broken Token are fantastic. The color is bright, and they are the perfect size. I am using them for my shield counter MTG deck and they look awesome.

Very nice storage solution

We have all of the expansions for Spirit island. This storage solution works great. Everything fits tightly and it was easy to assemble. Really love the look of the top box cover too!

Great storage solution!

Easy to assemble and fits everything quite nicely, including a few "unofficial" additions. Fits nicely on the shelf. Kinda wish I would have stained it, but that's on me and my lack of patience to get it built!

Good Size and Weight for Student Activity

Using these for a student activity. 35mm is a good size, and these have a good weight. The design is a fantasy issue vs. historical reproduction, so consider if that fits your needs. We used a few of these in combination with some of the other products from this store. I would have liked to have seen some of the other products in the same line offered in this 35mm size as well.

Wooden Artist Case with Euro Card Organizer

Perfect design, size and quality.

Works great

So nice I bought it twice.

Good quality at their price point

For the price you get a number of coins and the engraving are nice. The coins feel a little cheap but again you’re getting what you pay for. I recommend them if this is the price point you’re interested in. Otherwise you’ll probably be paying five or six times as much for the same number of coins.

Damage Tokens
Brendan Kiel
Numbers were etched poorly, extremely choppy and jagged. They also weren't painted white as the i...

I have other tokens from BrokenTokens which are amazing, but these were hot garbage.

Good value for the price

Considering the price and the number of coins, you receive these aren’t bad. They feel a little plastic and don’t sound like real metal but again, considering the price they are a good value. The images are good quality, and even though the coins are flat in the edges and higher in the middle, which makes them a little strange they still are an excellent prop. Definitely recommend purchasing, this is the price point that you are interested in.

Lightning Tokens
Matthew Schnabel
Fantastic little tokens!

Replaced my green energy cubes in The Loop with these, as I’m colorblind and struggled with that game’s red rift cubes. These give the board state extra presence! And super fast delivery!!!!!

Easy to assemble and fits everything

Only took me about an hour or so to get it assembled. Once the glue dried, getting everything into the box was easy and quick. Much better than my "lots of baggies" solution.


This was one of the best frivolous purchases I've ever made. I would absolutely recomend this seller. What a great product. It's well detailed and still sturdy. Every part of this has great craftsmanship. It is well worth the price.

Shield Tokens
Jay Summers

Shield Tokens