Aeon's End

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    Sacrifice the insert to the Nemesis and save Gravehold. The Broken Token is here to help you on your adventure with our line of board game accessories. We have a custom-designed wood game organizer for Aeon's End and Aeon's End: Legacy. Organize all the game's components and cards (sleeved or unsleeved) and get to the table faster. Extra dividers are available to customize how you organize your cards and expansions. Keep your cards safe with card sleeves by Mayday.

    Check out our collection of board game accessories for Aeon's End below.

    5 products
    Aeon's End Box Organizer
    Aeon's End: Legacy Compatible Game Organizer
    Mayday Premium Card Game Sleeves (50)
    Card Game Card Sleeves (100)
    Extra Dividers for Aeon's End (4)