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My players love them

I got these coins are a reward for some of my players and they love them.


Great upgrade to the game!

Fantasy Coins - Atomic Age 5 Value

Nice coin

Coin is of decent quality. I’d certainly purchase more coins from the line for future games.

Beautiful coins

Bought a few sets of dwarven gold, silver, and some others all at the same time.
Each came with a variety of new and weathered looking coins, and each look fantastic for the game I'm running. Absolutely would buy again.

Fine Addition

I absolutely love them. I recently purchased a stack of Sabacc cards and these Galactic credit notes go great with them.

Stun Tokens
David Holzborn
Great Game Upgrade

These "stun" tokens are a perfect replacement for the cardboard attack tokens in the Hogwarts Battle card game (similar lightning bolt shape). They are nice quality and although the paper covering is a pain to remove, it insures the tokens arrive in perfect condition.

A necessity

Amazing organizer and practically necessary to play Gloomhaven. Don't know how we would ever do without it.

Fantastic product, fantastic service

I mean, the coins themselves are fantastic quality. You could wish them to be bit more heavier but bah, excellent as they are! I also want to highlight Daniel from customer service who is such a star! Not even customs and local post mayhem could stop him serving with amazing attitude and dedication. You have gained a loyal follower and a fan!

Excellent product

Got these for a friend’s birthday. I already have them for my game. The coins are heavy and feel great. So much better than the ones that come with the game.


Another amazing organizer. Easy to use and highly customizable, which is a huge bonus given the nature of the game and how you choose to organize.

Great Organizer

Simple and clean organizer. Everything neat and well-placed, as always from Broken Token.

Fantasy Coins - Magic Gold

Great products for a Dwarf in need

The coins that I bought where well weighted and had great. high quality designs on them, any dwarf worth their beard should be carrying some coins on 'em. Proper high quality dwarfsmanship.

Sleeved Cards, and Four Expansions!

I was worried because the product listing and previous reviews (at time of purchasing) made me sure whether all four expansions could fit into this organizer... but I suspect that it was specifically designed to work with both the 5-6 Player Expansion AND the three Great Facades expansions (Glory, Passion, Life)! This is even with my cards all sleeved, and an extra promo player board.

I was a bit worried when I was puzzling everything in, but the end result had everything in the box with the perfect blend of feeling secure but not cramped. I feel like I found the ONE option that got everything in there, but other folks might have a different (easier?) experience if they don't have sleeves and little organizational boxes taking up space. I've attached a picture showing how I got it all in, rulebooks obviously went on top! I was pleased by how all of the components were relatively flush with each other (not a lot of jostling), and the lid went on flat. One couldn't tell from the outside that there's so much STUFF inside... until they go to pick it up, because it's much heavier now. :)

I've put together a handful of Broken Token organizers at this point, and it's always a fun little crafty activity. I had been intimidated the first time I ever bought one ("oh geez, this is a whole thing, huh?") but the assembly this round went notably smoothly! Experience or just a good kit, probably a little bit of both. I use a rubber mallet, sanding sticks, a sanding block, wood glue, and clamps when putting these together.

Er, I'm not sure what others are talking about, regarding the dice tower holes that dice can fall out of... I think the dice tower is really rad, it's super cute and the score markers fit into the face in a pretty neat way. I haven't actually played a game with it yet (so maybe I'm missing the design flaw), but my suspicion is that the holes people are referring to are what get covered up by the score marker storage/display piece that slides in and covers them up? (So maybe other reviewers missed that, or the design got changed to address it?)

My only complaint is that the picture that shows the box in-use didn't provide much help in getting everything in the box... On the contrary, the picture actually shows the window patterns standing up in one of the card sections, but putting them there unavoidably made them taller than the height of the box. Maybe that indicates that there's no set way to get all expansions in there, but that feels like a contradiction of the fact that this box seems to be designed to fit five boxes worth of games into one!

Love the game, love the organizer, 10/10.

Best organizer!

Recently got back on my Villainous kick with a couple expansions on the way and decided to get this, it works beautifully and is going to fit all the expansions easily, especially with the way the sections have been measured out (a divider in each slot leaves exactly enough space for one full villain set, so they fit like a glove!). My one complaint (that’s not really a huge issue for me) is that the Band-It didn’t come with it, but I plan to store the game horizontally so it’s not really that important for me.

I also painted all the pieces a nice green to match the main box, and I’m going to paint the little film-strip decorations later to match their decks/villains. The wood took the paint really well, and the whole thing (after painting) took about an hour and a half to put it together. Can’t wait to fill it out with the rest of the expansions!




The coins are beautiful. I practice with them every day. I would like to buy more. But, would like half dollar size. If you have them please get back to me . Thank you

Greetings Frank,

Thank you for your review. We're thrilled to hear that you enjoy your coins! In terms of half-dollar sized coins, most of our Large coins are about that size (30mm).

Hopefully this helps, but if you have any further questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to and let us know!


Customer Service
The Broken Token

Sweet Kit

Really good organizer, keeps everything secure and all in one box.

Tiny Dice Tower

I love how itty-bitty this tower is. It can handle nearly all dice, though my d20 did knock the banner off a couple of times. Very tight fitting joints (the instructions call for wood glue, but as tight as these joints are, might be able to get away without!)

Quacks of Quedlinburg Compatible Game Organizer

Disappearing cats, I guess that's meowgical...

As another reviewer mentioned, it is difficult to construct. In the end, a handheld dremel was used because filing everything was also miserable. The biggest disappointment is the placement of the cat shaped windows on the sides of the tower. They are completely covered once the tower is standing! Did no one notice that when designing this? The cats should have been placed higher on the tower so they don't vanish once the tower is up. To be fair, I didn't notice in the sample photos that the cats are completely covered. It's really sad because the tower is so cute otherwise.


Thank you for your review. We're sorry to hear you had a hard time with the construction of this dice tower. Suffice to say we're passing on these critiques to our design and production team to see what we can do to improve this tower.

If you have any further questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to let us know by emailing us at


Customer Service
The Broken Token

Great Product

I liked this product. I put it together easily. Everything fit in the legacy box as advertised. I would recommend it.


Exceeded my expectations. Holds the main game and 4 expansions so far. I recommend using wood glue to make sure it stays together. Would highly recommend if you're looking to consolidate into 1 box.