Arkham Horror: The Card Game

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    Setting up or putting away a game shouldn't be a mystery. Make setting up the Living Card Game (LCG) easy with The Broken Token's line of Arkham Horror Card Game accessories.

    Our line of accessories includes Arkham Horror Card Game storage options like a game organizer to keep all the investigators, player cards, scenarios, and tokens. Our line of Arkham Horror card organizers fits in the base box or expansion boxes, alternatively, we have the artist case which can hold over 3000 sleeved cards and is easy to travel with. Custom card dividers designed to match the lore of Arkham Horror are available to keep all your cards sorted.

    Keep your cards safe with a full range of Arkham Horror Card Game sleeves to fit the various cards found within the game. Additionally, you can upgrade the cardboard tokens to acrylic and metal with our line of damage, horror and resource tokens and coins.

    Customize Arkham Horror: The Card Game with the accessories below.

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    16 products
    Arkham Horror: The Card Game - Revised Core Set Compatible Game Organizer
    Compact Card Game Organizer
    Fantasy Coins - Cthulhu Copper
    Fantasy Coins - Cthulhu Silver
    Fantasy Coins - Cthulhu Gold
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    Vitality Tokens
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    Costly Reserves Metal Resource Tokens (10)
    Card Game Card Sleeves (100)
    Mayday Mini USA Card Sleeves (100)
    Mayday Premium Card Game Sleeves (50)
    Mayday Premium Mini USA Card Sleeves (50)
    Extra Dividers for Arkham Horror Card Game Organizer (8)
    Extra Dividers for Compact Card Game Organizer (6)
    Bit Boxes Compatible with Horizontal Card Organizer (ORG142 and WAC003)
    Wooden Artist Case with Horizontal Card Organizer