Dinosaur Island

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    Containing dinosaurs in your park is vital to your visitors' safety. Containing all the components in Dinosaur Island back into the box can be just as challenging. The Broken Token is here to help. Our collection of board game accessories for Dinosaur Island is perfect for you whether you have the retail or Xtreme editions. Our board game organizer for Dinosaur Island integrates with both retail and Kickstarter editions and the totally liquid expansion. Contain all the cards, tiles and dinosaur meeples. Designed to make set-up and tear-down smooth and easy. Combine both inserts in the Dinosaur Island Compatible Crate upgrade with thematic designs integrated into the design. Keep your character cards safe from dinosaurs and drinks with our collection of card sleeves.

    Discover our Dinosaur Island Board Game Accessories below.

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    5 products
    Dinosaur Island Compatible Game Organizer
    Dinosaur Island Totally Liquid Compatible Game Organizer
    Dinosaur Island Compatible Crate Upgrade
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    Card Game Card Sleeves (100)
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