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    Becoming the Master of Flamecraft is no easy feat. Keeping your dragons and their shops organized is crucial to success as a Flamekeeper. Let The Broken Token enchant your game night with our board game accessories compatible with Flamecraft. 

    Our board game organizer will make setup and teardown simple and fast. Bringing your game to the table in a beautiful yet organized fashion, you will be well on your way to Mastering Flamecraft and building your reputation as the best Flamekeeper around. 

    Upgrade your game-play with our high-relief metal gaming coins which have the perfect feel and the perfect *clink*. 

    Check out our Flamecraft board game accessories below!

    5 products
    Flamecraft Compatible Game Organizer
    Fantasy Coins - Magic Gold
    Dragons Themed Gaming Coins - Medium 25mm (12-Pack)
    Fantasy Coins - Draco Gold
    Fantasy Coins - Draco Silver
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