Galaxy Trucker

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    Becoming a Galaxy Trucker is a ton of fun, so set up and tear down should be enjoyable too! The Broken Token has the gaming accessories you need to make your game-night experience efficient and fun.

    Our Galaxy Trucker Game Crate has everything you need to keep your cards, ship component tiles and credit tiles tidy and easy to reach. Compatible with the base game and the following expansions:

    • The Big Expansion (2008)
    • Another Big Expansion (2012)
    • Latest Models (2013)
    • Missions (2015)
    • promo card packs

    Don’t forget to protect your cards from meteor storms with our premium and standard card sleeves from Mayday.

    There’s a profit to be made trucking your way across the galaxy, let The Broken Token help you on your way! Check out our Galaxy Trucker board game accessories collection below.

    3 products
    Galaxy Trucker Compatible Game Crate
    Mayday Premium USA Chimera Card Sleeves (50)
    Mayday USA Chimera Card Sleeves (100)