Spirit Island

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    When colonizers invade your island, you must call on your elemental power to defend your home. With The Broken Token by your side you’ll frighten the enemy with your strength and organized planning. Our board game accessories for Spirit Island are a must-have for game night!

    Want to keep your game in the original box? Our Spirit Island Compatible Game Organizer is what you need. With trays for every bit and card, set-up and tear down will be a breeze.

    Want to upgrade to a craftsman crate? Check out our Spirit Island Compatible Organizer and Crate Bundle. House your entire game in a thematically engraved and custom designed game crate. With this option you will eliminate the lid-lift of our in-box organizer.

    Have Spirit Island: Nature Incarnate? You’ll also need to grab our crate expansion that will expand your original crate to accommodate the added content.

    Don’t forget to protect your cards with our standard and premium Mayday card sleeves!

    Check out our Spirit Island board game accessories below!

    8 products
    Spirit Island Compatible Game Organizer
    Spirit Island Box Organizer and Crate Bundle
    Spirit Island Compatible Crate Upgrade
    Horizons of Spirit Island Compatible Game Organizer
    Mayday Premium Card Game Sleeves (50)
    Card Game Card Sleeves (100)
    Mayday Mini Euro Card Sleeves (100)
    Mayday Premium Mini Euro Card Sleeves (50)