Fantasy Coins - Atomic Age 5 Value

Fantasy Coins - Atomic Age 5 Value
Fantasy Coins - Atomic Age 5 Value
Fantasy Coins - Atomic Age 5 Value

Fantasy Coins - Atomic Age 5 Value

The Broken Token
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Set of ten themed metal coins by Fantasy Coins LLC.

These heavy-weight, finely-minted coins are crafted from zinc and nickel with high-relief 3D detailing and a hand-buffed finish.

The Atomic Age 5 Value coins are circle shaped and have an antique silver finish.

Dimensions: 25.2mm x 2.1mm

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Mariann Metzer

Fantasy Coins - Atomic Age 5 Value

Tahsin S.
Annoying Marketing Emails

They are very desperate to get reviews on their items. Writing this review to stop the emails coming!

Less p.
Mis-struck coin

Fantasy Coins are generally excellent, beautifully detailed tokens that are great upgrades for game play. I have acquired multiple sets from this manufacturer. I purchased this set of Atomic Age coins to upgrade by Power Grid board game.
For the first time through of all my Fantasy Coin purchases, I came across a quality control issue of a slug/coin being thinner and mis-struck, so minus 1 on the star rating. I guess it slipped through QC. Not a huge deal since it will just add character the the game components.
The rest of the Fantasy Coin sets get a 5 star rating. These are great upgrades to get more immersed into the gaming experience.

david m.
A little smaller than expected, but a great value

These coins are well made, look great, and are way cooler than standard game tokens

David M.
Well made with fine detail

These coins are a little lighter and thinner than some of their other coins, but they look and feel great and are definitely a fun addition to a sci-fi game.

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