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More than organization and storage, it also makes transport better

Good organization of a board game makes it easier to store and set up. I find good storage/organization also makes me more likely to get a game to the table because it eases setup so much. This one does that and goes the extra mile by holding the components solidly no matter the orientation of the box. This makes it easy to store on the side, put in a backpack, or whatever. Just like every Broken Token set I’ve had, the components were well designed, fit together well, and the instructions were great. Love this set and I’m excited that I’ll be getting Core Worlds to the table more often because of it.

Great coin tokens

These coin tokens were amazing for the game I use them for, they really help add to the immersion.

Very nice coins

Those coins are made from sturdy metal and look very good. They are an excellent addition to the game! 😁

Great addition to a great game

It's easy to put this together, and it handles both the base game and expansion well, it's entirely worthwhile to upgrade the game with this great addition

Love this!

I'm so glad I bought this. Looks great, was fun to put together and makes game play so much easier to set up and dismantle. A must buy for sure.

Simple to put together

This was super easy to assemble, maybe 20 minutes max. I like it; however I feel like it created some dead space in the center of the box, which I don't love.

Dueling Metal Coins (31)
Russell Swannack
7 Wonders Dual Coins

Quite good, are very similar in appearance to the games cardboard original money tokens. I replaced them into the original box and they take the same amount of space as the original cardboard. They do add an increased bling to the tabletop game play and a nice clinking noise when handling them. They are well made, look consistent, and the shipping was quick and well packaged. I would recommend others to buy these in the future to enhance your game play.

Broken token for horrified

Love tlhe set up

Great appearance and feel to these coins!

Shield Tokens
Frédéric Desrosiers

Shield Tokens

Fantasy Coins - Cthulhu Silver

Great way to store cards in the boxed expansions.

Made it easier to organize and holds more cards than basic insert. No trouble assembling it.

Don’t know why I didn’t think to paint it

What a brilliant idea. In my excited haste to get it and assemble it I totally missed a pretty neat idea to add even more flair. Painting/staining parts.

It went to together with some medium level encouragement. Having a hobby knife is key. As mentioned in other reviews, getting the axles of the gear and meter in place do to one shorter rod was not easy, but It will sit in place with some adjustment. The plexiglass piece secures everything in place. Even with modification, Clamps were helpful to get everything to fit properly

Wanted to build it left sided. Used a video as a guide. Built it right sided.

And put the face plate on upside down.

Oh well, such is life

Every so mildly challenging , but fun to assemble set.

Great product shipped fast

Love their products

Dominion case and organizer

This is the second dominion case case I’ve ordered and they are the best way to organize your cards that I’ve found.
The package arrived with no delay.
I’m very satisfied with the purchase


I bought this to round out a large collection of various coins for a fantasy tabletop game, to represent an accumulation of wealth and free up lesser denomination coins. For this it works great, it's solid, heavy, feels good and meaningful in the hand. Surface has a kind of enamel feel to it, and I've not seen how it stands up to wear/scratches, but for what it is, it's superb. The engravings on it are clear and sharp, it's both decorative and tactile, when a player handles it, it feels like a meaningful degree of wealth.


ez assemble

Drakon är best


Saved myself from buying a storage case

- Shipping came fast, and was easy to assemble. Cards fit perfectly, with all of them sleeved. will probably buy another set, when I buy another big expansion core set.

Great product and high quality.

Get them while you can... A MUST ADD!

Nothing like metal coins for a great game. I kept putting it off for buying these and when I was finally able to buy them, they were out of stock. As soon as TBT got them back in stock I had to grab them.

Love these coins!

These coins are amazing quality, I use them with so many different games that this is the second set I've purchased!
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awesome addition to my game

much better than the cardboard coins also they are a great replica of the design

wonderous metal coins

We absolutely love the craftmanship, weight and quality of these coins. We will definitely be purchasing from your store again.