7 Wonders

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    In 7 Wonders you focus on building a city and erecting an architectural wonder for your friends and family to gaze at in amazement. We have a collection of accessories for 7 wonders to make your next game wonderful.

    We designed a board game organizer for 7 Wonders to help get the game to the table quicker and make clean-up a breeze. The insert is compatible with many expansions including 7 Wonders: Leaders, Armada and Cities. In addition to the wooden box insert we also have wondrous metal coins to upgrade your game experience. Keep your cards organized with wooden or acrylic dividers and card sleeves to keep them safe and make shuffling a breeze.

    Check out our full line of board game accessories for 7 Wonders (1st Edition) by The Broken Token below.

    Looking for 7 Wonders Duel? We also have a collection of accessories for it here. 

    6 products
    7 Wonders (1st Ed) Compatible Expansion Organizer
    $ 645.00
    Wondrous Metal Coins (57)
    $ 830.00
    Mayday Premium UltraFit "7 Wonders" Card Sleeves (80)
    $ 92.00
    Mayday "7 Wonders" Magnum Card Sleeves (100)
    $ 74.00
    Extra Dividers for Wondrous Fleet Organizer (2)
    $ 92.00
    Extra Dividers for Wondrous Organizer (4)
    $ 92.00