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Exactly what I was looking for!

These are sick

Thanks broken token!

Nice product that serves its function.

Easy to assemble and use. I do wish it came with more dividers. If you want a case full you’ll need 4 extra divider orders.

Card Holders

Great addition to my board game collection

Eldritch Horror Crate

I really like this crate, however it's quite a chore to build. Most parts fit together well but there are a few pieces that need to be trimmed to allow for them to fit. It would be nice if the clue tokens storage had more dividers to keep the expansions separate, however I made my own dividers using pieces of the wooden trees the parts came on. I use the Dragon Shield sleeves and was able to fit all of the cards with room to spare.

good buy

I am very very happy with my purchase.

Nice Upgrade

Pieces are very well-made and enhance the gameplay experience a lot. Would definitely recommend if you play Waterdeep a lot and want to enhance the narrative of the game.

Dwarven Gold

It is always profitable to do business with dwarves.

Love this insert

Really helped me organize a the content I have for this game.

Top quality product

Perfect fit and clever design, no one does it better than Broken Token


The product has exceeded all expectations. Fits properly and makes the game a much more enjoyable experience to bring out with friends.

Great Find!

Prompt delivery and a great product. I’ll order again.

good buy

I am very very happy with my purchase.

Case for Mini-Size Cards
Greg Buffington
Doesn't fit sleeved cards well.

Great box, but doesn't hold sleeved cards well. Needs to be a tiny bit wider. I bought a couple of these a few years ago that had the same issue. I thought it would have been corrected by now. Guess not.

Fantasy Coins - Magic Gold

Amazing product

We love the look and feel of the coins! Ready to throw down some Lords!!!!

The 2018 version was better

I purchased this product in 2018, assembled it myself as that was the only option then, and couldn't be happier with it. It fits perfectly in the box and easily houses 20 MTG commander decks.

I purchased another one of these pre-assembled recently (2024) and am incredibly disappointed. Two of the sides consist of two pieces instead of one, attached in such a manner as to partially compromise the structural integrity. The organizer is not a tight fit in the box, having extra margins in the front and right side, preventing the box from acting as a support for the organizer. The vertical row dividers have a slight bow to them. And finally, it was assembled in such a manner that it looks like it will fall apart entirely if removed from the box; an insufficient amount of wood glue.

Picture has 2018 version on the left, 2024 version on the right.

The only thing that would make me happy at this point is if The Broken Token sent me the old version of this product unassembled.

Great DnD tokens

The coins have an ideal weight to them and provide a wonderful experience for the players having something physical and tangible to use.

Amber Gems
Adrian Avila
Berry good!!

Ta bien 👍
Callidad es muy bien

Does just what I expect them to.

Pieces of Eight Themed Gaming Coins - Tiny 15mm (18-Pack)

Fireball Island Compatible Game Crate

great buy

I am very very happy with my purchase.

Perfect for a Heavier Game

Wow does this make set up so much faster. This allows you to love and enjoy the game even more