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    Save your sanity when setting up Arkham Horror with The Broken Token's line of board game accessories. Our line of Arkham Horror accessories includes a fully compatible game crate called the Arkham Altar Crate with designed spots for everything inside the Arkham Horror Board Game including investigators, Ancient ones, weapons, tokens, coins and expansions.

    Alongside the Altar Crate, you will find a full line of fantasy coins with Cthulhu art to fit in perfectly with your Arkham Horror gaming experience. Keep all your cards safe with card sleeves to fit the various sizes found inside Arkham Horror. Dive into the Arkham Horror experience further with our line of Sanity, Vitality, Smoke and Fire tokens.

    Keep an eye on open gates clearly with our line of wooden gate stands.

    Nothing is more maddening than when your stat trackers get bumped on the table, save your frustration with the Arkham Player Boards. Store them inside the Arkham Altar Crate (Gamer's crate) or in the Investigator's Journal.

    Check out the full line of Arkham Horror accessories, including Arkham horror organizer and storage solutions below.

    Looking for Arkham Horror the card game? Arkham Horror The Card Game Collection is here

    15 products
    Arkham Horror 2nd Edition Compatible Game Crate
    $ 3,764.00
    Arkham Player Board and Investigator's Journal
    from $ 120.00
    Gate Stands (8)
    $ 154.00
    Fantasy Coins - Cthulhu Copper
    $ 137.00
    Fantasy Coins - Cthulhu Silver
    $ 146.00
    Fantasy Coins - Cthulhu Gold
    $ 180.00
    Mayday Premium USA Chimera Card Sleeves (50)
    $ 48.00
    Mayday USA Chimera Card Sleeves (100)
    $ 48.00
    Anti-Glare Sleeves - Std Chimera (58x89mm)
    Sale price $ 26.00 Regular price $ 35.00 Save $ 9
    Board Game Sleeves - Mini Chimera (43x65mm)
    Sale price $ 24.00 Regular price $ 32.00 Save $ 8
    Sale price $ 103.00 Regular price $ 137.00 Save $ 34
    Sold Out
    Vitality Tokens
    Sale price $ 103.00 Regular price $ 137.00 Save $ 34
    Smoke & Fire Tokens (10)
    $ 137.00
    Arkham Horror 3rd Edition Compatible Base Game Organizer
    $ 924.00
    Arkham Horror 3rd Edition Compatible Expansion Organizer
    $ 1,540.00