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Ascension Organizer
Ascension Organizer
Ascension Organizer
Ascension Organizer

Ascension Organizer

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Get organized with our Ascension Organizer, officially licensed by Stone Blade Entertainment. This organizer fits larger boxes such as those that come with Chronicle of the Godslayer and Storm of Souls.

Card Capacity Unsleeved: 2,300

Card Capacity with Standard Sleeves: 1,775

Card Capacity with Premium Sleeves: 950

*Capacities are approximate and based on average card and sleeve thickness. Actual results may vary.

Dimensions: 12.8" x 7.85" x 2.64" (325mm x 199.5mm x 67mm)

Looking for extra dividers? DIV002

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend the use of wood glue (sold separately).

Due to manufacturing, printing, and edition differences box sizes can vary and may not be compatible with the version our kits were designed for. Please measure the bottom inside of your game box to confirm fit for the organizer dimensions listed above.

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Ascension Deckbuilding Games by Stone Blade  Entertainment. Stone Blade Entertainment, Ascension and their logo are trademarks of Stone Blade Entertainment, USA.

Instructions: [Download]

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Gilbert C.
Must have for a sleeved Ascension collection.

The Ascension organizer arrived far quicker than I could've hoped for and fits perfectly within any of the cardboard boxes I have for the Ascension card game. Even sleeved, this organizer will fit over three full-sized sets & all the honour "gems" or four sets if you have a separate solution for the gems, and more than enough spacers for what you can fit. I'd say I'd buy another one, but this has me covered until I obtain even more sets.

Scott M.
I think I have 5

I think I have 5 expansions, all sleeved, all in the box. excellent fFit!!! WOO!!

David K.
Easy to assemble, modular, and

Easy to assemble, modular, and fits the box perfectly!

Ryan H.
Fits perfectly in the Ascension

Fits perfectly in the Ascension third-edition box and Storm of Souls second-edition box. Can fit Dragon Shield sleeves.

Dylan N.
Clean and simple. Has space

Clean and simple. Has space for two “big boxes” and their “little boxes” sleeved. (And then some!)

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