10x10 Challenge Board

10x10 Challenge Board
10x10 Challenge Board
10x10 Challenge Board

10x10 Challenge Board

The Broken Token
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10 games, 10 times each. Can you play 100 games?

It has become a gaming tradition to start the calendar year with a 10x10 challenge. Why? Well, it’s common as a hobby gamer to keep buying new games, but what about all those other great games on your shelves? Have you got some that really need to be played a number of times in order to truly learn and appreciate them? If so, pick 10 and give them each 10 play-throughs, and you can earn a badge of honor.

But whether you’re starting in January or any other time of the year, our Challenge Board will help you track your progress so you can keep your eyes on the prize.

Your 10 green meeples start the challenge to the left of the whiteboard space. Write the names of your games on the whiteboard with dry or wet-erase markers. When your gaming begins, move the meeples along the track to mark each game played. When all 10 meeples reach the tenth spot… challenge completed!

This version of our 10x10 Challenge Board is a finished product. Orders can take up to five (5) business days to stain and assemble for shipping.

With the included stand, you can display your board on your tabletop or bookshelf. If you prefer to hang it on a wall, there are pre-drilled mounting holes. (Mounting hardware is not included.)

Dimensions: 11" x 11" 2.36" (280mm x 280mm x 60mm)


Instructions: [Download]

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Oliver E.
Love the look. Already using

Love the look. Already using it but seems to have a small issue with meeples falling off the board. Just walking by where it is mounted on the wall can create enough vibrations to get one to fall.

Jerry P.
Pretty cool

I love this thing! I'm really glad I got the pre-stained version. Saved me time.
The only thing I've had issues with is the meeples keep falling out even with the little stands that are supposed to keep a proper angle. Maybe magnets would help?
How about colored meeples for different family members game choices?
Would love some other options besides 10x10. 12x10, 20x5, etc.

Michael B.
Bought the board fir my

Bought the board fir my son as a Christmas present and he loved it.

Darryl D.
Excellent Quality

I didn’t mind paying a little extra to have it stained and complete upon arrival - it looks wonderful and will be fun to use next year

John B.
Challenge Board

Quality product as always from Broken Token. Great way to keep track of games played. Like the way you can have it free standing or mount it to the wall.

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