Elder Sign

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    Keep your boxes of unorganized terror organized with The Broken Token's line of board game accessories. Our line of Elder Sign accessories includes a fully compatible game crate with designed spots for everything, including Investigators, Ancient ones, Rooms, Weapons, Tokens, Spells, and Allies for the base game and all published expansions.

    Dive into our complete Arkham Horror game line experience further, with our line of Sanity and Vitality tokens. Alongside the game crate, you will find a full line of fantasy coins with Cthulhu art to fit in perfectly with your gaming experience. 

    Check out our line of accessories below.

    8 products
    Elder Signs Compatible Game Crate
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    Vitality Tokens
    Fantasy Coins - Cthulhu Copper
    Fantasy Coins - Cthulhu Silver
    Fantasy Coins - Cthulhu Gold
    Mayday Mini USA Card Sleeves (100)
    Extra Dividers for Arkham Museum Crate (5)