Feature Icon Guide

You may have noticed icons on some of our product pages.  What do these icons mean?

Assembly Required (Beginner) - This product requires assembly, but it has few parts and should go together very quickly.
Assembly Required (Moderate) - Contains more parts and will take a little more time, but with included instructions, you will have no problems.
Assembly Required (Advanced) - This product contains a lot of parts, and may take several hours to build. Having experience with general building techniques will produce a better result. 
Glue Required - We recommend using wood glue during assembly.
Officially-Licensed - This product is officially-licensed by the board game publisher.
Supports Sleeved Cards - This product includes enough room for you to protect all the cards with sleeves.
Store Vertically - This product was designed for you to store the game box vertically on your shelf without the components becoming dislodged inside.