Mayday Premium UltraFit "7 Wonders" Card Sleeves (80)

SKU: MDG-7106
Mayday Premium UltraFit "7 Wonders" Card Sleeves (80)

Mayday Premium UltraFit "7 Wonders" Card Sleeves (80)

SKU: MDG-7106
Mayday Games
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Fits Cards of This Size: 2.56" x 3.93" (65mm x 100mm)

  • American size card sleeves
  • Clear Polypropylene
  • Archival safe
  • Acid free - no pvc
  • 125% thicker than standard sleeves

Each pack of sleeves includes 80 sleeves.

Examples of games with cards that this sleeve will fit: Queen's Necklace, Small World: Tales & Legend, 7 Wonders™, etc.

Please note: Packaging may vary, but the product is the same.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Mei L.
Good fit, but shuffling results in ripped edges.

While the sleeves fit the cards perfectly, there are some quality control issues. We've discovered after shuffling a few times that some of the sleeves rip open right at the edges.

Shawn H.
Great sleeves!

I had purchased a set of penny sleeves for my 7 Wonders cards prior to using these. There is a noticeable difference in quality. Although these sleeves feel very slippery at first, they becoming easier to handle with a few uses. Only one of the sleeves split as I sleeved my cards. I only wish the quantity was more reasonable. I just purchased 47 more than I needed because my game has 103 cards. I suppose that's a game issue, not a sleeve issue though. Great product!!

Brandt B.
3 packs

These are great. If you buy 3 packs you'll have enough for all cards for all current expansions. There are 236 cards, so you'll have 4 left over. If you want some spares in case some break (which does happen with extensive use), you should buy 4 packs of these card sleeves.

Phosphor W.
Works for Coup

Works great for coup and even with the expasion they fit in the box. I also have the custom ISK Tokens but they go in a pouch outside the box, they can fit in but its a really tight fit. For 7 Wonders they work great with the organizer but take up alot more space so if you have all the expasions it could be an issue.

Sir E.
Best Card Sleeves + Best Board Game Organizer for 7 Wonders & Expansions

The premium card sleeves for 7 Wonders fit the cards great, and the corresponding organizer allows space to store them. Variable organization is available, using the number of players as the method rather than which age the cards are for; you'll need extra card dividers over the four included to do this.

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