Early English Kings Themed Gaming Coins - Tiny 15mm (18-Pack)

SKU: ACS5092
Early English Kings Themed Gaming Coins - Tiny 15mm (18-Pack)
Early English Kings Themed Gaming Coins - Tiny 15mm (18-Pack)

Early English Kings Themed Gaming Coins - Tiny 15mm (18-Pack)

SKU: ACS5092
The Broken Token
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Inspired by the earliest rulers of England, our themed prop coins make great game pieces for your TTRPG nights, Ren Faire costumes, and LARP games.

These are not just for games; even though they were designed with board games in mind, they're great for parties, cosplay, decor, craft projects, and more.

Includes 18, 15mm-sized coins from the English Kings Theme set. Coins are approximately 3mm thick. 

Compatible with games like:

  • Citadels
  • Glen More
  • Lancaster
  • Nations
  • Rise of Empires
  • Sid Meier's Civilization

Customer Reviews

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Mark Sutton
Small English Kings Coins

Received the English Kings coins in about a week. Nice turnaround from the west side of the country to the east. Using the coins for Viscounts of the West Kingdom. The theme of English Kings works perfectly for the game. They're nicely detailed and have the perfect weight about them. Like the smaller 15mm size of the coins - space saving and a tad more compact. A great upgrade!! Thanks to the Broken Token.

Kolby B.
Almost perfect small coin

The quality of these little coins is excellent. They aren't numbered, so you can set whatever conversion rate you want to larger coins. Small enough to be great just as counters. The only thing that could make these better is if they were more stackable (over three it's tenuous).

David Herkert
Good General Copper piece for RPG

These are perfect for copper pieces... small least amount of value as it should be for copper in a RPG game and the detail of these is great!!!

Ben F.


Will V.
Early English Kings are a great set

These coins are a great set - I had not noticed in the pictures, but there is the same coat of arms on the Jumbo, Large, & Medium coins making them seem minted by the same monarch family with the head of the king on the Small coin itself. The Tiny coin does not seem as tied to the set with any theme, but still feels part of the set. Overall the set are distinct in size, color, & weight to make them feel increasing in logical value and appear imperfect as a real coin of that age. Great for English theme games or any Viking theme that has plundered a hoard of these coins.

The Tiny coin has a dull copper look with a triangle on each side with different symbols inside. One side had a moon and either a star or a sun. The other side has indistinct patterns. This coin may pay homage more to the druid side of England than the early kings.

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