Gloom Compatible Game Crate

Gloom Compatible Game Crate
Gloom Compatible Game Crate
Gloom Compatible Game Crate
Gloom Compatible Game Crate

Gloom Compatible Game Crate

The Broken Token
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Is your life filled with too much cheer and sunshine? Bottle up that extra happiness with The Broken Token’s Gloom Tomb. This Craftsman Series storage solution features our first ever acrylic lid window to put all of your misery on display. The Gloom logo is engraved on each side, so there’s no denying a sad fate lies within. Two card rows with adjustable dividers will accommodate all the expansions listed below and premiums with room for future cards and other forms of tragedy. Includes 6 adjustable dividers, and supports sleeved and unsleeved cards. This death sentence is officially licensed by Atlas Games.

Compatible with:

  • Gloom 2nd Edition Core Game
  • Unhappy Homes
  • Unwelcome Guests
  • Unfortunate Expeditions
  • Unquiet Dead
  • Cthulhu Gloom
  • Unpleasant Dreams
  • Fairytale Gloom
  • Munchkin Gloom
  • Gloom in Space

Card Capacity Unsleeved: 1,000

Card Capacity with Standard Sleeves: 785

Card Capacity with Premium Sleeves: 400

*Capacities are approximate and based on average card and sleeve thickness. Actual results may vary.

Dimensions: 6.82" x 6.28" x 4.37" (173mm x 159.5mm x 111mm)

Acrylic will arrive with protective paper backing on both sides and should be removed before assembly. Having trouble removing all the paper backing from the acrylic sheets? We recommend Simple Green to remove any residual adhesive.

Decorate before you assemble.  If you are looking to stain your crate, please check out our video guidelines Broken Bits: Staining Tips before assembly.

This product is a kit that requires assembly. We recommend a high quality wood glue, soft mallet and clamps for assembly (each sold separately).

This is an officially licensed case for Gloom by Atlas Games. Atlas Games, Gloom and their logo are trademark of Trident, Inc., dba Atlas Games, 885 Pierce Butler Route, St Paul, MN 55104


Instructions: [Download]

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Beautiful addition to the game collection and a must have for Gloom!

This is my second crate by Broken Token I’ve made (after the Big Damn Crate) and the second one I’ve painted beforehand, and when it’s all together it does not disappoint. I like that it will hold the entire Gloom series including the spin-offs, and I still love how well the wood takes paint to really make it pop. I painted the crate in black, red, and white to match the actual Gloom boxes and it looks absolutely gorgeous. Like other reviewers I had some difficulties getting the protective sheet off the acrylic and out of the little spiderweb crevices, but some gentle scratching with my nails got it off with no immediately noticeable damage to the acrylic. Absolutely love the crate and can’t wait to fill it up with the rest of the series!

Blake C.
A cute little mini crate

Pretty quick and easy to put together. I like the see through window on the top. I have nearly everything for Gloom and this stores it all just fine. It would be nice if they had made a compartment on the interior side where you could put the rules so you don't have to put them on top ... so you can see all wonderful cards through the window ... but that would be my only nit pick.

Joshua Thomas Hart
Gloriously Gobbling Gaggles of Games

To be fair, when I first bought this organizer I thought I had gotten a great deal (3rd party retailer). As I began assembly I noticed the fit of the acrylic was a bit odd, so I referenced the site and to my dismay I realized I had bought old stock and the design had changed significantly for the better. Intent to make the most of the situation I reached out to Broken Token's support to see if they had any good suggestions or solutions for assembly. They surprised me by doing one better and were kind enough to send, at their expense, all the parts necessary to upgrade to the current and more aptly designed model. In all I feel the Tomb is functional and fits numerous variants well presuming you get some extra dividers. Even if not it fits the base game and expansions well while still allowing for some division. The fit was excellent, as was material quality. As for the acrylic, as some have said it can be difficult to remove the paper coating for the etched gloom logo, but a few spritzes of multipurpose or glass cleaner and honestly probably even water, in conjunction with a soft bristle brush clears the etching right out with minimal effort. I did this twice over to both acrylic windows I had, with one be especially stubborn until I used a bit of good sense.

Could be better.

Love the aesthetic and am super excited to see it finished.
Got the box and have started assembly. Noticed several issues already.
Several pieces aren't completely finished and had bits of wood from the break off still attached. Stabbed myself with one.
The acrylic window had been burned with the protection paper into the acrylic. So now I got a permanent creme for letters, spider and spider webs instead of an etching.
The instructions and pieces are clearly marked so I know exactly what I need to do and where to find the pieces I need.

It is very rare that the protective paper would be this problematic. We are actively working with this customer to make it right.

Christopher M.
Love it.

Love it.

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