Flying Stands (10) w/ White Bases

Flying Stands (10) w/ White Bases
Flying Stands (10) w/ White Bases
Flying Stands (10) w/ White Bases

Flying Stands (10) w/ White Bases

The Broken Token
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Upgrade your token game with these acrylic flying character stands. The clear acrylic stand riser adds to the illusion of flight, rising your flying character pieces above the board. Perfect for the flying drake pieces in Gloomhaven, and cardboard pieces from other games that have a thickness of 2.5mm. Each set comes with 10 stands. Also available with yellow or clear bases.

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Dimensions: 1.375" x 0.6875" x .9375" (35mm x 17.4 x 24mm)(each stand)

These stands require basic assembly. Acrylic will arrive with protective paper backing on both sides and should be removed before assembly. Having trouble removing all the paper backing from the acrylic sheets? We recommend Simple Green to get any residual adhesive off.

This is a third-party accessory designed by The Broken Token. All product names are trademarks of their respective owners, which are in no way associated or affiliated with The Broken Token.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Thomas R.
Great Pieces, Careful Assembly Needed

These stands work excellently. The only gripe I have is that, when assembling, if the stand is pushed too hard into the base it will cause small pieces at the bottom of the stand that prevent them from being pushed too far in to break off when they impact the base. These don't affect the stand use at all, and appears to be a tolerance issue during manufacture as some of these had a tight fit (higher chance of accidental breakage) between the stand and the base. The ones that had a looser fit had no issues.

John D.
chippy, poorly fitting, easily breaking,

chippy, poorly fitting, easily breaking, don't use

we recently had a bad batch of these, please contact us so we can correct this issue!

Grant M.
Great fit

They take a little time to put together and sand off the edges but well worth the work. They look great and fit together well.

Paul H.
good product

These stands went together well and were a very tight fit. I didn't need any glue so it seems they have fixed the issues with prior reviews.

Needs Acrylic Glue

Was expecting these to just snap together like other Broken Token products, but the cuts on the bases were too big for the stands to snap into. Fortunately I had some acrylic glue sitting around from other projects and that seems to have done the trick, even if a couple of them dried a little crooked. They'll do the trick. Response: We're really sorry for the inconvenience, they are not intended to be loose. We are making more changes to the design to improve the fit. If we can provide any assistance, please open a support ticket with us!

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